27 Years Junior

27 Years Junior

Hi all, Im 23 this year, and recently I got attached to a guy thats 51 (I know the huge age gap difference). It started off as a hook up initially but very soon, we both realised that we were attracted to each other's soul, and the chemistry between us is really great!

I know being together with him is not an easy feat, and I had warned him about the typical questions that he may get ie 'he's young enough to be your son', 'you're old enough to be his dad', 'im after his money' etc etc. And I know I will feel awkward if he invites him to meet his friends, and because of the age gap difference, I will definitely not fit in well.

Despite all the differences, he still pretty much loved me a lot, and also introduced me to his really good friend (which is a female) for a start.

I really love him and I'm just wondering if there are anybody outside who are attached and with this huge age gap difference as well? Really wish to see if there are anyone experiencing similar situation as me.

Thank a lot!
John Need Your Advice January 09, 2018 at 11:33 pm 0 30
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