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Coming out was never any fun

Gah. Coming out was never any fun. Every time I came out to someone, I felt like it would be the last time I would ever speak to them, or speak to them civilly. I had heard so many stories of rejection or anger or violence and so I feared the response of others. I feared their responses because just coming out to myself was so incredibly painful and difficult and if I had a hard time coming to terms with being trans, I had no reason to expect anyone else to be kind.

The first person I told was my spouse. I thought it might be the end of our relationship, but she has stuck with me through everything and while our relationship has certainly evolved (she's still a straight woman), our love for one another got us through some very rough times. So I came out to her and she never stopped loving me.

We told our best friend and she was relieved. She thought it was something much worse.

I shared with more friends and they offered love and support.

I came out to one of my older brothers on National Coming Out Day and he thought it might be a good idea if I stopped telling people...he tried to scare me back into the closet. He has since evolved his position.

We told my in-laws and they were concerned about our kids, but have always been loving and supportive (going so far as to lend me the necessary funds for my GRS).

I told my birth mother and she bought me a watch and gave me some earrings.

I came out to my oldest brother and he wasn't quite sure how to deal with it.

I finally came out to my father and step-mother. There were many emotions, but mainly my father was a little upset that he didn't get to rename me. But after some work with one another, they and the rest of my family have accepted me as their daughter and sister.

When I came out at work, where I am a public high school Theater Arts teacher, my drama kids rallied around me, my boss eased my transition and the worst thing that happened was they gave me more English classes to teach.

Oh, my brother-in-law rejected us. But my transition was just the last straw and it while it was a loss, we don't think on him too much, even though we miss his kids.

But really, I hated coming out every last time I did it, but it was always such a relief because every time I was able to be honest and open with another person, a little more weight was lifted from my shoulders until I was finally free of any need to be anyone other than myself. I know I am exceptionally fortunate, but I am not alone in my relatively positive experience.
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